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Corporate values

We wrote our corporate values on the entrance wall of our headquarters in Lissone to remember them every day.

We believe it is important to know why we are here and not somewhere else. Ideals are the pillars of our life. They constitute the priorities through which we take decisions and carry out actions in everyday life.

The strength

The strength of Setoa lies in the fact that the values ​​of the people who work there and the corporate values ​​coincide, creating the foundation of a long-lasting organization oriented to build trust relationships with customers and a positive work environment.

The experience

Every experience contributes to build and reinforce the pillars on which the company now stands, allowing it to grow and show the best version of ourselves in an era characterized by aggressive competition, rapid market changes, and political and social upheavals.

The future

Setoa has always grown staying true to its convictions.

On a journey to discover the values ​​of Setoa we will tell you, in our Social stories of success, difficulties, sacrifices and intuition.

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