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Dangerous goods

Setoa provides companies in this sector with the transport of non-hazardous chemicals (liquid, solid and gaseous) and dangerous goods (which may pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment).

Specifically, dangerous goods are classified according to the internationally recognized ADR regulations (Accord Dangereuses Route). The subdivision occurs according to the source of the danger: flammability, toxicity, self-reactivity, corrosive and radioactive factors etc.

Setoa offers safe storage, handling and transport for all dangerous goods class 1 – 9.

The legislation dictates that every person involved in the handling and transport of dangerous goods has specific obligations based on the type of goods transported, degree of danger and means used.

The regulations related to the transport of dangerous chemical charges include the use of special markings, packaging, vehicle load protection devices, special measures to ensure the safety of the load, as well as requirements related to temperature, humidity and lighting.

Setoa checks the conformity of goods and documentation, manages goods at all stages of distribution based on current legislation and the regulations at destination.

Who asks for Setoa’s services

  • Chemical companies
  • Agri-food companies
  • Chemical processing and packaging companies

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