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Perishable goods

Food, pharmaceutical or similar products are classified as perishable goods because, being free of preservatives, they tend, in a short time, to deteriorate or alter.

These goods require extreme attention and care in the management in order to keep their organoleptic properties unaltered and to respond adequately to the high quality standards required by the market.

The operation of “cold chain” management is the key point for transporting perishable goods and each one requires specific evaluation in order to be able to offer customized solutions regarding the type and quality of product, internal and external temperature during the transport.

Setoa provides the companies of the sector with custom solutions for storage and management of goods at required temperature and humidity in order to avoid the risk of thermal shocks and interruption of the cold chain, maintaining the integrity of the perishable and refrigerated product during all transport stages up to its destination.

Who asks for Setoa’s services

  • Fresh or frozen food producers and distributors
  • E-commerce food retailers
  • Catering
  • Agri-food companies

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