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Wines and Spirits

Wine and spirits fall into the category of delicate goods sensitive to the negative effects of different external factors which is why a deep knowledge of alcohol management and transport procedures is required.

Setoa manages wine and spirits packages in dedicated areas protected from atmospheric agents and temperature changes. The thermal conditions are monitored in order to eliminate any possibility of thermal shock both during storage, breakbulk point and during transport.

Setoa provides the know-how related to the authorizations issued by the authorities and required inside or outside the European Union. Everything related to the technical and health transport regulations for the goods subject to the excise tax, putting itself as a reliable trading partner for the import export trade.

Setoa also provides with different services like labeling, packaging, stuffing, fixing, and temperature and humidity control based on the specific needs for preserving the product’s food characteristics.

Who asks for Setoa’s services

  • Wineries
  • Companies representing the alcohol industry
  • Beverage Stores
  • Distributors and wholesalers of wine and spirits
  • Importers and companies processing alcoholic beverages

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