Verification of Conformity (VoC) is mandatory to Ivory Coast

Note that for all cargo except to:

- Gold ,precious stone or precious metals

- dangerous cargo or guns, defence material for Cote Ivoire Army

- living animals

-  fish, meat, vegetable and fruits

- flower plants and products

-  printed and developped movies

- newspaper,fiscal stamp, postal stamp , paper stamp, money paper check,passport

- personal effect, household good used

- used cars

- postal package

- crude or partially refined oil

- Commercial samples

- Supplies to diplomatic and consular missions, or to international organizations, imported for their own needs

- Import goods and equipment for oil and mining operations

- Imports related to the free plans 

- Local products or handicrafts of Community origin

at destination for Cote Ivoire, Verification of Conformity is mandatory 

To obtain VOC Certificate, the supplier or the shipper  should contact one of the companies which have been choosen by the government.

These one are: Bureau Veritas - Cotecna-Intertek -Société Generale de Surveillance (SGS)  

Billing fees will invoice to the vendor using the following method:

- Route a: 0.45% of the declared FOB - Route b: 0.40% of the declared FOB- Route c: 0.30% of the declared FOB

Any goods imported in Cote Ivoire without a VOC ( Verification of conformity) will support a penalty of 50% of the CIF value with referral, followed by destruction of the cargo at the expense of the importer