Focus on Africa

The African continent is undeniably experiencing a sustained economic boom and, according to the FME, it is about to enter a double-digit growth phase. Rather than remaining limited to natural resources, the African economy has become far more diversified, with development supported by improved access to education, connectivity, transport and medicine. Another significant economic aspect concerns the massive inward investments in infrastructure financed thanks to partnerships with Asian countries. Setoa is present on the West African market with 8 branch offices, and thanks to its ability to deliver global management of logistic services and adapt continually to meet the needs of its customers it has risen to the position of market leader and point of reference.

Our offices in Africa:
  • Setoa Sénégal
  • Setoa Côte d’Ivoire
  • Setoa Mali
  • Setoa Ghana
  • Setoa Cameroun
  • Setoa Burkina Faso
  • Setoa Gabon