logical solution

Setoa has been operating in international sea, air, land and combined transport shipments for more than 30 years.

Our firm is constantly evolving, growing and developing, also due to our focus on specific markets. As a result of this, Setoa now operates internationally through a number of offices located in key logistics centres, including its Milan (Italy) headquarters, its offices in Genoa (Italy), Valencia (Spain), seven offices in Western Africa (this will shortly increase to ten), and the recent opening of offices in Miami (Florida-USA) and in Antilles.

We work with exclusive agents in the Middle and Far East and in Northern Europe; Setoa completely covers logistics services in all the major international markets through this collaboration, combined with input from key IATA agents for air transport, and participation in logistics networks.

The original core business focusing on sea shipments from Italy, Spain and Northern Europe to Western Africa has evolved into a cross-trade and air service. Markets like China, India and the Middle and Far East in general view Setoa as a reliable, professional partner, particularly for maritime transport to and from Western Africa.

At Setoa, our ongoing pursuit to deliver maximum reliability and service characterises our daily work, making us a logistics partner for our clients, always ready to provide the perfect transport solutions to meet all needs.